Beginners Guide

Getting started with paid surveys is fairly simple. Just follow the steps below to be on your way to making money by taking surveys.

Step 1 – Set up a new email account.


First, you’ll need a valid email address to use to register to survey panels and get notifications of paid survey opportunities. Do not use your primary email address. Create a new email account and use that email address when you sign up to survey sites.

Step 2 – Sign up for PayPal.

create paypal account

Next, you need to sign up for a free PayPal account. Some survey sites offer cash rewards through PayPal only and if you want to take advantage of these sites and make money, you should get a verified PayPal account.

Step 3 – Download Roboform.


After that is done, you should download a safe, free tool called Roboform. This tool is very helpful when it comes to signing up for survey sites since it inputs information automatically with a simple click of the mouse.

You’ll have to type in your name, email address, and other information over and over again when signing up to survey sites. This tool will help you save a bit of time by filling in this information for you. It can also save your login information.

Step 4 – Sign up to legitimate survey sites.


Now comes the part that most people have the most difficulty doing – finding legitimate survey sites to join. If you search the net for survey sites, you’ll get a mixture of genuine sites and disreputable sites.

As a newbie, trying to pick the legit sites out of the bunch can be confusing and quite frustrating. But if you take time to educate yourself about this opportunity before you search for survey sites, you’ll have an easier time distinguishing legitimate sites from scams.

Here are some of the things you should know before signing up to survey sites:

  • How paid surveys work
  • How legitimate survey sites operate
  • Signs of paid survey scams

Once you’ve acquired this knowledge, you should be able to easily find legitimate survey panels to join. Make sure you pay attention to a survey site’s reward program and how they reward their members. If you want to take surveys for cash, you need to join sites that offer cash rewards.

Now, if you want to make more than a few dollars taking surveys, then you need to join at least 5-10 survey companies. You’re not going to get a lot of paid surveys if you only belong to one or two panels. Remember, the more surveys you take, the more money you will make. When you sign up to several different companies, you will get invited to take more surveys.

Step 5 – Fill out your demographic profiles.


After you have joined some survey sites, you need to take some time and fill out your demographic profile on each survey site. This will, no doubt, take some time to do but it’s worth it. By filling out those profile surveys, you will be able to get invited to more surveys that match your demographics.

Step 6 – Take Surveys.


After this time consuming task is done, you are ready to take surveys for cash. You may or may not get surveys to complete right away. It depends on the survey site(s) you joined and whether or not there are surveys available for you take at that time. Anyway, you will be able to take surveys and earn money for your time.

Step 7 – Get Paid.


If you have chosen your survey sites wisely, you should be able to get cash payments for taking surveys. Most survey sites send cash payments by check or PayPal. They also require you to earn a certain amount of money before you request your payment. This amount varies from site to site but is typically between $1-$20.

After you have reached the minimum payout amount on a site, you can request your payment. The time it takes to get your payment varies from site to site. Payments can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months to get you. Read the survey site’s FAQs section or reward program details page to learn how their payment system works.


– Always answer surveys truthfully and read the questions carefully.

– You will get disqualified from some surveys; it’s inevitable. If you are a male and a company is looking for feedback on a new birth control pill for women, you are not going to be able to take the survey. But you may be able to take surveys targeted towards men. Companies target different people. If you meet their requirements, you will be able to take the survey. If not, consider yourself disqualified. But that is nothing to worry about. You’ll get more chances to take surveys.

-Know the value of your time. Some surveys pay horribly considering the time it takes to complete them. Look at the time it takes to complete the survey and the amount you will earn for the survey and determine whether or not the survey is worth your time. If it isn’t, don’t take it.